Dog Selection Program

At Excel K-9 Services Inc. we believe that our client is an integral part of selecting their perfect dog. We use a multi-step process, including client input, to ensure that each Executive Family Protection Dog will fit, seamlessly, into the household. First, Master Trainer Shaughnessy will use our Dog Selection Criteria (listed below), in conjunction with the data from your Lifestyle/Family Assessment and Security Needs/Expectation Assessment, to determine your appropriate breed, and hand select your specific dog candidates. Next, our Master Trainer Shaughnessy will discuss each K-9 candidate with you and provide you with pictures and videos. Finally, you, and Master Trainer Shaughnessy, will select your specific Executive Family Protection Dog.

Dog Selection Criteria:

  • Kennel: Exclusive European Kennel selected for quality and consistency of breeding.
  • Breed: German Shephard or Belgian Malinois
  • Health Guarantee: All Excel K-9 Services Inc. dogs come with a 2-year health and workability guarantee. Every prospective dog is examined by our European veterinarian, at our kennel, before purchase. To ensure their physical health, all dogs are re-evaluated, upon arrival at our United States campus, by our American veterinarian. The following records will be provided by our veterinarian: written guarantee of clean health, list of vaccinations, and copies of hip x-rays (guaranteed to pass OFA).
  • Temperament/Sociability: All Excel K-9 Services Inc. dogs require a base level of temperament & sociability to be considered for our Executive Family Protection Program.  We evaluate temperament & sociability by placing a dog in various environments and situations (public places, Indoor & outdoor spaces, different vehicles, elevators & escalators, crowds, noises, kids, adults, people with special needs, etc.).  This process ensures that your dog will have the temperament and sociability required for your stated Security Needs/Expectations and meld seamlessly with your Lifestyle/Family.
  • Drive: All Excel K-9 Services Inc. dogs have the well-rounded instinctive drives that are essential for any dog to complete our rigorous Executive Family Protection Training program. We specifically analyze a dog’s Work Drive, Play Drive, Prey Drive, and Fight Drive to assure that your dog will meet your stated Security Needs/Expectations and meld seamlessly with your Lifestyle/Family.