Narcotics Detection

Excel K-9 strives to provide exceptional service to our clients using very friendly dogs and professional handlers that are trained in the detection of hidden narcotics and firearms. Our dogs are trained in a passive response when they come to the narcotic odor- trained in the same way that law enforcement dogs are trained. We search: drug treatment facilities, halfway houses, schools, busses before school trips, private homes and any other business. Our dogs will search your home or facility with very little disruption from your daily activities. 

The dog team moves around your facility searching each designated area without the need to evacuate the building. We search lockers, backpacks and other personal areas. If our dogs detect and find drugs, we will mark the spot, and find the contraband with you present.

The best and most effective  search program is one where we perform random periodic visits to your company. Typically, the use of these dogs deter people from using these dugs again.




Excel K-9 performs these services on a 24/7 basis and can be called anytime for emergencies.  Our handlers can be dressed in our professional uniforms or come in ordinary clothes. We have marked and unmarked cars depending on your need.

Our dogs and handlers are trained to find the following substances: heroin, marijuana, k-2 (synthetic marijuana), ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines and any derivatives of the above named drugs. Our dogs are also trained to find firearms. What better way to keep your facility safe than a search with Excel K-9s specially trained dogs.

The benefits of searching schools is the safety of the students. Checking for weapons and drugs in school lockers, classrooms and busses has become necessary to keep students safe. What reason would a student have to bring anything other than supplies to school? There is no good reason. Schools have a duty to protect their students and faculty.

In a perfect workplace, there would never be a need for employers to search their employees. However, employers have an interest in keeping their workplaces free from drugs and illegal weapons. This ensures that all employees are safe.

If you suspected your child was using drugs and hiding them in your home, would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to root them out?In todays world parents can never be to protective when it comes to their children.  Parents are turning to Excel K-9 to keep their children safe and off drugs. Early detection of drug use in a childs life can change the life path of that child in a positive way.

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We are also available to come to schools to educate students on the dangers of drugs in a fun an entertaining way.  We show students how our dogs find drugs by demonstration as well as educate them on the dangers of what drugs can do to their precious lives. Please feel free to call us anytime. We are here for you 24/7.