K-9 Handler Selection

Our training program at Excel K-9 is vigorous and requires the handler to have good physical and mental strength. We have a high standard because we expect perfection. We look forward to working with you and training you to be the best K-9 handler.

Selection of the New K9 Handler is the single most important part to having a successful team at the end of training program and in the years to follow. Excel K-9 Services can assist you in interviewing potential handlers.
The following are a few questions that I use in selecting the right officer.

1. Is the officer committed to the project of being a K9 Handler and understands that some training will need to be done without compensation?

2. Does the officer work well with little or no direct supervision?

3. Does the officer use an excessive amount of sick time?

4. Does the officer have any serious discipline problems?

5. Does the officer present a positive image of himself and the department?

6. Is the officer trustworthy in the aspect that he can be trusted with large amounts of narcotics, and working on sensitive cases?

7. Can the officer take direction well during the training class?

8. Is the officer in good physical shape so that the officer can endure the strenuous activity during the training and deployment activities?

9. Is the officer’s spouse and family committed to having a trained Police Service Dog in the household?

10. Is the officer’s home or apartment suitable to bring a Police Service Dog into?

11. Does the officer bring respect to himself while off duty?

12. Does the officer like to talk to the public including children and seniors, and is the officer willing to do K9 presentations?

13. Are the officer or any family members allergic to dogs?

14. Is the officer willing to make a seven year commitment to the department and the K-9 Unit.

15. Is the officer willing to work any shift and be on call?