Excel K-9 Trains Family Dogs

Excel K-9 provides professional obedience training and behavior modification for family dogs. A dog can is a wonderful addition to any family. However, when a dog is not obedient or shows signs of uncontrolled aggression he becomes a stressor and a liability for the family. Excel K-9 will visit your home to identify and address any/all behavioral problems.

Family Dog Training
Basic / Advanced Obedience and Behavior Modification

little.girl.with.dogCommon issues that are corrected:

  • Dog pulling on the leash during walk.
  • Dog failing to return promptly when commanded.
  • Dog failing to sit or lay down when commanded.
  • Dog is or is becoming aggressive with other animals dogs, cats etc.
  • Dog in becoming aggressive around food or when food falls on the floor.
  • Dog is aggressive or has challenged household members or neighbors.
  • Dog has bitten someone.
  • Dog gets overly excited when strangers come on your property or to the door.
  • Dog will not respond to you or a household member.
  • Dog is jumping, digging or relieving its self in the home.
  • Dog is very shy and does not have confidence.

These are a few common issues but certainly every dog is different and so are the issues. We are dedicated to each project and have experience working with large and small dogs.

We believe that positive training will bring positive results; we work with you and your dog so that the dog will respond to you. Several different components are needed to train a dog; first in motivating a dog the dog must receive praise from you in the form of voice, touching, toy or food for desired behavior and the dog must receive negative attention from you in the form of voice and or collar correction. It is never acceptable to hit or strike a dog with your hand or another object, this type of correction does not teach the dog anything. We are experienced in using the choker, prong, stimulation type collars and non-physical type collars to obtain desired results depending on the situation and issue. We believe that results can be obtained using very little correction, and high praise.


Many dogs that show aggression towards members of the family or neighbors are exhibiting rank drive which is the drive to move up in the social status of the pack or the family. Dogs’ showing this form of aggression tend to listen to one member of the family, but challenges another, first with not responding to commands then barking or growling and finally nipping or biting.

We have found that this behavior can be corrected using situational training in your home. We put the dog in the situation that the dog failed in and correct the problem together. A dog that is high in rank drive needs immediate attention to correct the behavior. It is best to address this problem early on before the dog bites someone.
Dogs thrive on repetition and consistency, we teach you the proper way of teaching your dog. If you remain consistent in your training your dog will fast become your family best friend.



Some dogs need a job or a task to complete like playing ball with you every day or a long walk again your dog will thrive on the consistent time together. Other dogs like jobs such as tracking or agility. For dogs that are capable of learning tracking we work with you and teach the dog to follow human scent and ground disturbance in order to find a toy or food.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience includes:

  • Healing while walking or running
  • Turning
  • Sitting
  • Laying
  • Staying
  • Returning to you when commanded.

Advanced Obedience

Advanced Obedience includes all of the above and off leash control with distractions.